Looking at a new timetable

With new beginnings come opportunities to look carefully at how we do the things that we do.  Last month, a District Implementation Committee met for the first time to discuss the new amalgamated secondary school in Williams Lake.  Discussions on day one included everything from the process of naming the new school to a new timetable to how the Grade 7’s  will be taught as compared to the rest of the student body.

On day one, no decisions were made, but some guiding principles were agreed upon by this committee that had representatives from Principals and Vice Principals, teachers, support staff, and parents.

Yesterday, a smaller group met only about a new timetable.  This subcommittee looked again at the overall guiding principles put in place by the larger committee.  We then refined the principles that were directly related to a new timetable.  We also added three new guiding principles.

The guiding principles could certainly be amended, but at present, the following is what the group has agreed to:

  • The timetable will allow for a gradual increase in student independence and leadership from Grade 7 to Grade 12.
  • The timetable will allow for consistent time for students to connect with one adult from Grade 7 to Grade 12.
  • The timetable will allow for purposeful collaboration time.
  • All students will have equal access to all electives at some point in their Grade 7 to Grade 12 years.
  • The timetable will provide all students with opportunities for more personalized and project-based learning.
  • The timetable will allow for the potential integration of literacy and numeracy in all disciplines.
  • We are open to approaching the construction of a new timetable with new perspectives.

This coming Monday, the timetable subcommittee will meet again to look at actual timetables.  Once agreed upon, this possible timetable will then be brought back to the District Implementation Committee as a whole and will be “published” here on my blog and the new school’s website so that everyone will have the opportunity for feedback.

With all of the looming changes, there are still many unknowns.  Over the next few weeks, much of this uncertainty will be dealt with.  Staff will know where they will be next year.  Students will know what their school will look like.  Parents will understand  how their children’s school day will be structured.

It’s an exciting time, and it will only get more exciting as unknowns become knowns.

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One thought on “Looking at a new timetable

  1. Rae Perry

    Did the District Implementation Committee talk at all about how to ensure that all our grade 6’s and 7’s have a successful transition to high school? I think this new beginning could be an opportunity to look carefully at the transition process currently in place and ask ourselves if what we have done in the past is working or is there something else we can do to make the transition to high school more successful, especially for our struggling or vulnerable students? We have twice as many students transitioning from elementary school to high school this year than we normally do and my fear is that some of our at-risk students will get lost in the process unless we take a good look at how to support these students in meaningful ways.

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