Poverty Challenge Becoming an Annual Success Story

Once again, the Poverty Challenge fundraiser was a huge success story this year.  The Saturday evening Variety Show & Silent Auction raised $9100 and a grand total of $11,850 was raised for the Williams Lake Salvation Army Food Bank.

Generosity is one of the four foundations of the Circle of Courage, upon which our school district vision is based – “We envision an encouraging and understanding learning environment where everyone demonstrates a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity.”  While we aim to develop these qualities in our students, we will not be able to achieve this without the adults in our district modeling these qualities first.  “Everyone” means all of us.  In the case of the Poverty Challenge, the spinoff is that some of our students and their families will be the beneficiaries of a healthier Food Bank.

Poverty Challenge volunteers Catherine Getz, Sandee Davis, Grant MacLeod and Danielle Mader hand off a generous cheque to Williams Lake Salvation Army Captain Ben Lippers.

Poverty Challenge volunteers Catherine Getz, Sandee Davis, Grant MacLeod and Danielle Mader hand off a generous cheque to Williams Lake Salvation Army Captain Ben Lippers for the Williams Lake Food Bank (photo courtesy of Monica Lamb-Yorski, Williams Lake Tribune)

Special thanks go to Catherine Getz, Danielle Mader, Sandee Davis and Melinda MacKinnon for all of their contributions to the planning and running of the event.  Thanks also go to our wonderful entertainers for the evening –  musicians Dena Baumann, Carmen Mutschele, Brent Morton and Troy Forcier and belly dancers Samira and Danielle Mader.

Thanks also to everyone who made donations of food or their hard-earned cash to support those less fortunate in Williams Lake.

My biggest thanks are saved for former IUOE President and longtime custodian Grant MacLeod and his wife Cathy for donating so much of their time.  Grant has been retired for more than a year but continues to spend hundreds of hours in his retirement each year seeking donations and organizing the Poverty Challenge events.

It is my hope that the Poverty Challenge will continue to be an annual event that makes School District No. 27 proud.

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