A job well done!

We have come to the end of a school year that began with so much uncertainty and turmoil.  For so many reasons, when a school year begins in such a fashion, it brings with it even more challenges than an average school year would have.  In spite of these challenges, we have continued to provide our students with a top-notch education.

The end of May and the month of June are always crazy, busy times for me as I and others represent the district at graduation ceremonies, First Nations Role Model Celebrations, retirement dinners and awards assemblies.  These traditional end-of-year celebrations are on top of all of the other monthly meetings that I attend.  While it is very busy, it is also a chance in many ways to reflect on the year gone by.

One such year-end event was PSO Secondary’s final musical concert of the year a couple of weeks ago.  With student choir, band, and small group performances, the school gave a chance for many of their students to show off their immense talents.  The concert also gave one final opportunity for our four district music teachers – Vanessa Toews, Jasmine Kreschuk, Dena Baumann and Laura Eilers – to collaborate and support each other in another community performance.  For a few years, these teachers have found a way to shrink the gap between the north and south ends of our district and are one shining of example of many of our educators who are supporting each other, and in turn, they are supporting our students.  Sadly, Vanessa will be leaving the district this summer, but I am confident these relationships will continue.

School district music teachers (l-r) Laura Eilers, Vanessa Toews, Dena Baumann & Jasmine Kreschuk

School district music teachers (l-r) Laura Eilers, Vanessa Toews, Dena Baumann & Jasmine Kreschuk

At this time of year, we also say goodbye to so many of our other colleagues with a number of retirements and others moving on to other districts.  We are grateful to all of you for the legacy you have left and the students you have impacted in School District No. 27.

We also said goodbye to a school this week as the Board of Education officially closed Wildwood Elementary after continued flooding and mould issues.  At the public forum last week, parents and community members from Wildwood spoke passionately about their students, their staff, and their school culture.  They wanted the Board and District Staff to know what closing their school would mean to their families and their community.  While it is always sad to close a school, it was also reassuring to hear the parents speak about all that they will miss in a school that is filled with decades of good memories.  Many educators, parents, community members and students have done a lot of things right at that school for a long time.

As many of you pack up your things and head off for the summer, you can feel great about a job well done again this year.  Thank you for your dedication to the students of School District No. 27!

Enjoy your summer!  I look forward to seeing you all again in September.

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One thought on “A job well done!

  1. Karin Anstey

    Hello Marc,
    I am not sure if you remember me. My name is Karin Anstey. I met you and your parents about 3 years ago at the men’s outdoor and indoor soccer games in Williams Lake. I am currently attending UBC in Vancouver for my BEd, and you made a great impact on my journey here.
    I had the pleasure to invest my time as a teacher assistant, resource room and strong start instructor at Alexis Creek for a few months under Calvin Dubray, as well as a French TA (EA) under Matt Cullum at Glendale Elementary before it had to unfortunately close. At the time of our first encounter, you and your family had recently returned from Africa. I was curious if you had help implement the education program in Kenya for the refugee camp? I ask this because on our first day of orientation, we learnt about this program, and the timing seems to fit. I have a three week practicum of my choice in June, and would like to contribute my enthusiasm of education towards a society that may not be as fortunate to have access of knowledge as we do in the lower mainland of British Columbia.
    Since my departure from SD27, I have tried to maintain my connections with the amazing SD27 staff. I believe you have made a positive impact for that district, and for the BC Education system as a whole. Thank you for being an inspiring influence on my path in life.
    Kind Regards,
    Karin M. Anstey

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