With mixed emotions …

Three weeks ago, with very mixed emotions, I tendered my resignation as Superintendent of SD27 to the Board of Education.

For both professional and family reasons, I have accepted a position as Principal of Mennonite Educational Institute (MEI) Secondary, an independent Christian school in Abbotsford, BC. MEI has three schools on one campus in Abbotsford, and I will be the Principal of the Grade 9-12 high school, beginning in September. My three sons will also attend the new schools, and my daughter will not be far away at Trinity Western University.  My wife, Tracey, looks forward to continuing her career as a registered nurse with the Fraser Health Authority.

It has been an honour to work with the Board of Education, district staff, principals, vice principals, teachers, support staff, parents and students over the last four years as Superintendent and with many of you as colleagues in the seventeen years I was a teacher and administrator before that.  I thought about naming names in my last blog post as Superintendent, but I am grateful to so many of you that I would most certainly have forgotten someone important.

I have been asked by many people over the last couple of weeks about what I will remember most about my time as Superintendent.  It has been an easy answer to say that I will most cherish my many friendships and professional relationships with colleagues.  You have impacted my life in such positive ways.  It would take someone less than five minutes in our school district to meet wonderful people who care about students.  I came across those types of people in spades in my job every single day.


Thiessen family photo

My family and I are very excited about the adventure ahead, but SD27 is all we’ve known until today, and so we enter the next phase of the adventure with a lot of sadness too.

As I wrote when my daughter graduated from Lake City Secondary two years ago, my wife and I are grateful to so many people who have impacted our children in their schools and in their extra-curricular activities over the past twenty years.  “It takes a village” certainly applies in the case of our family.  To those of you who have not fully invested in your schools or communities due to time constraints or other reasons, I would fully recommend diving in.  I am confident that you will find that your investment will come back to you tenfold as others invest in the lives of you and your families.

You belong to a wonderful school district.  Keep doing what you’re doing for the good of our students.

I invite feedback and comments to any of my blog entries. As the administrator of the blog, I approve all comments before they hit the public domain. While I do not mind comments that disagree with my point of view, I will not post comments that I deem to be inappropriate, those which are personal attacks, or those which refer to specific personnel. I also will not post comments from anonymous or nicknamed sources. While one of my goals for this blog is to open a dialogue, it needs to be a safe environment for everyone involved. Thanks for considering this before making a comment. – Mark

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5 thoughts on “With mixed emotions …

  1. Abby Wilson

    All the best to you and your family on your new adventures. It was a pleasure meeting you at Horsefly School when you came out to visit.

  2. Minette Fawcett

    Best of luck to you and your family! You all seem up for change and adventure which is a good thing. Enjoy and God Bless!

  3. Laurie

    Best of luck to you and your family in your next chapter. Thank you for all you did for our district!

  4. Congratulations Mark on your new position. It has been wonderful to learn with you as a fellow Superintendent. I loved how you modeled openness through your blog. Hopefully you will continue blogging at MEI. All the best!

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